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Paris Pride Day

Bites of Paris, Day Two—Plus, Pride Day!

On our second day in Paris we decided to venture into The Touristy Part™. We had exactly 3 goals: 1. Eat ice cream, 2. Walk by the Louvre, 2. and 3. Drink wine in front of the Eiffel Tour.

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Bites of Paris, Day One

The sheer amount of fabulous Michelin Star restaurants in Paris is borderline hilarious. Coming from a city that the Michelin Guide has blatantly neglected, I was so overwhelmed during our trip planning that I wound up giving up. Not only where there too many options, but the cost was far too high. $150-$200 for a great date night? No problem. $600 per person? Nope.

That all said, the food we had in Paris was some of the best of our trip. We had absolutely no problem finding incredible things to eat for reasonable–if not incredible–prices.

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