A Tour of our Montemartre AirBnb [Design Inspiration]

Truth be told, after our harrowing first 48 hours, few flats would have disappointed us. However, the beautiful space we found ourselves in in Montemartre was truly stunning even on the easiest of days.

After climbing the borderline treacherous stairs to the fifth floor walk up, we opened the door to find an apartment so cozy, so beautiful, so perfectly Parisian, that I was finally able to come back into my body and be present. We made it to Paris! Despite a missed flight, a striking taxi system and closed metro–we actually made it! Kevin, being the hero that he is, set out to buy us some wine while I opened the ridiculously gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows, showered, and settled in with some positively luxurious WIFI to check in with friends and family. After he returned, we popped open a bottle and put on Amelie because sometimes there is comfort in being totally predictable.

L'eau de rose de l'Iran.

The kitchen alone made me giddy. Impossibly skinny and adorably cramped, it felt like the quintessential Parisian cooking space. I fell in love with the red tile and the way the light poured in from the small window that looked out onto the terrace. The “J’aime le Quebec” sign on the sink made me all kinds of nostalgic.

I have a soft spot for rainbow books.


Googly bird friends and their favorite rosary.

Kitsch revolution.

I know. Those French doors make you want to cry as you behold their beauty, don’t they? The entire living room had this effortless shabby chic look and feeling that made me want to take notes for our own home. I mean just look at all that art, the dried flowers, and the rainbow bookshelf. Obsessed.

The absolute strangest bathtub I have ever seen. Tiffany Blue with a narrow end and a severe slope towards the back. Potentially deadly but really cute.

This is less design inspiration and more me wanting to share the absolute strangest bathtub I have ever seen. Tiffany Blue with a narrow end and a severe slope towards the back. Potentially deadly but oddly cute.

Still lusting after this Pret a Porter dress form.

Waking up by this Juliet balcony every morning was an absolute dream.

The bedroom was cozy, super comfortable, and the proximity to the window made sleeping without air conditioning during a heatwave a breeze (pun very much intended). And that Pret a Porter dress form may be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

2015-06-26 20.50.59 HDR

Love of my life.

Oh yeah, you’re damn right we lived out on that terrance. Every morning we sat out there and drank coffee and ate pastries. In the evenings, we’d drink wine before heading to dinner. In the afternoons, we’d drink wine before drinking wine.

I cannot overstate how lovely this apartment was and how wonderful our hosts were. They even brought us welcome wine! If you’re ever visiting Paris, I recommend booking this flat. Montemartre is a wonderful neighborhood that is bustling with activity, amazing food, and great attractions (Moulin Rouge and Sacre Couer, anyone?) while avoiding the craziness of the tourist center. The Paris metro is incredible–use it.


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  1. This apartment looks so cute! And those windows! Those French Windows! 💗 Lovely post, took me back to my week in Paris :)

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