Hypoglycemic Girl’s Adventures in Juice Cleansing: Part One

We’re back from Europe! We’re back and I’m too tired to blog about it yet! Believe me, though, I have a ton of content from those 16 days. I’m super excited to share it with you. Walking in Amelie’s footsteps, drinking 5 euro bottles of cava in Barcelona, devouring fried artichokes in the Jewish Ghetto of Rome. But in the meantime, I felt compelled to write about something else. Last week, I did something I never though I would do–a juice cleanse.



I imagine “Hypoglycemic Girl” to be the world’s worst super hero. Going from zero to hangry in mere seconds! Crashing at warp speeds after a candy bar induced sugar spike!

I am Hypoglycemic Girl. And I would truly make a terrible super hero.

I learned I was hypoglycemic when I was 7 or so after a day of only being allowed to consume a syrupy, flat Coca Cola flavored sugar water every few hours, interspersed with having my blood drawn. At the time, it was certainly the worst day of my life.

Today I manage it just fine, and honestly as I’ve gotten older I think it has improved a bit. Even so, the knowledge of my (albeit mild) condition has made me stray from cleanses or fasting. I always imagined that trying would make me feel faint. Sick. Weak. But I knew so many people that had tried short juice cleanses and said it made they feel stronger. For years I wished I could give it shot, but assumed that because of my low blood sugar, I’d never be able to do it.

That is, until I went to Sip-n-Glo.

What struck me about their basic cleanse was that it contained a protein drink. Something with substance and some actual calories. What a lot of people don’t realize about hypoglycemia is that protein is hugely important to maintain healthy blood sugar levels–not sugar. All food gets broken down into glucose after you eat it, and protein takes longer to break down which helps to regulate blood sugar. When I saw that their cleanse actually included some protein, I realized for the first time that this was an option for me.

I had this planned before we left, but I honestly expected to drink a lot more than we did, so I had originally planned for a 3 day cleanse. After we arrived home, I actually much healthier than I had anticipated. Walking 5+ miles a day tends to do that. So, weighing that in with the fact that I was very very scared to do this cleanse, I opted for a one day.

For a day before and a day after, I ate vegan. I did not eat raw like was suggested, simply because I did not give myself enough time to prepare for a healthy raw diet (living off of only carrots is not good for you) and being that it was a single day cleanse, I wasn’t worried about my body having a hard time adjusting. For breakfast I snagged some kitchari from Down Dog Healing Cafe. Kitchari is known as a cleansing food due to its easily digestibility, so it seemed like a perfect way to ease myself into the actual cleanse. Dinner was a whole mess of veggies, some from Essene‘s hot bar and some from the fridge.


Down Dog Healing Cafe’s kitchari with seaweed


Vegan dinner with tons of garlic and coconut oil

I also cut out booze and coffee for two days before and one day after. I did, however, supplement my coffee with Yerba Mate, an energizing tea that I had forgotten I was in love with. Prepared in a French press and sweetened with a bit of Truvia, I didn’t miss my coffee at all.


The day of the cleanse I woke up feeling great. I can rarely eat in the morning to begin with, so I got off to an easy start.  In fact, I felt so good that I changed my original plan of not exercising during the cleanse. When you do this, they recommend flipping the timing of the Heart Beet and the Vanilla Chia Pump Up.

Around 5 PM, I hopped on the elliptical for about 25 minutes. After this incredibly gentle workout, I experienced hunger for the first and last time. Luckily, this was great timing because I was closing in on the protein-packed Vanilla Chia Pump Up. I struggled a bit for an hour or so there, but as soon as I had the Pump Up in my system I felt great again. I didn’t even have to supplement with the cashew milk or raw veggies I had stashing in the fridge in case my blood sugar crashed.

So, would I do it again? Absolutely. Next time I’m definitely going for the three day. I may even try to follow the recommended raw vegan diet before and after. Maybe.


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  1. I think a 1-day juice cleanse is all you really need to reset. I’ve done a 3-day cleanse twice and it always leaves me a little beat. (Plus the 3 days to ramp up and 3 days to come down). You’ve inspired me!

    • Michelle

      Hmmmm interesting! Let me know if you try the one day and if it makes you feel better than the three day. Where do you get your cleanses from? I know you told me once before but I can’t recall.

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