Blog changes, a hiatus, and a hoagie.

In retrospect, I should have probably written this before the busiest two months of my life began but unfortunately it did not work out that way. I just couldn’t help but spend the weeks leading up to the busiest two months of my life being as lazy as possible. It’s not my fault, I have HGTV for the first time in like 5 years.

This blog has been a bit of a struggle for me conceptually. I started it last year thinking I’d just create a food blog. And I tried that, but it just didn’t ever feel like the right fit. I know I’m not a chef. I’m a home cook who is in a constant state of learning. So, rather than creating blog that tells people how to do things in their own kitchens, I wanted to share what I learned—for better or for worse.

For example, I still need to give that gnocchi another shot.

I also wanted to represent Philadelphia. I love the restaurant scene in the this city, and I feel like it is so criminally underrepresented that I couldn’t past up a chance to gush about my dining experiences and share them.

Please note that I said share.

I am not a food critic. I am a person with who loves to eat, and while I have my own opinions I have no desire to use my site to criticize someone’s business. That’s why I only share what I loved when I’m writing about a restaurant I visited. I’m not an authority in the culinary world, I just want to snap some pretty photos and share some awesome food with you.

And speaking of photos.

I am also not a photographer. I am a person with a camera who enjoys taking pictures. Some of them come out really well and I become giddy with excitement about my happy little accident. This is all a learning experience.

And that brings me to the blog changes. I may not be a chef, a food critic, or a photographer. But I am a writer. And I wouldn’t be true to myself or my writing style if I didn’t let my life inspire me to change the direction of my blog.

Kevin and I are currently combining our homes as I move into his place in South Philly, and our list of projects is… out of control, honestly. We’re in the process of planning out the garden in the yard as well as a container garden on the deck to grow veggies. I don’t have a green thumb, but he certainly seems to. So, while he’s primarily the one spearheading this initiative, I’m really looking forward to documenting it and sharing what I learn about gardening in a urban space. I’m crazy excited.

Oh, and speaking of Kevin—you’ll be seeing a lot more of him soon. Our blossoming home bar has inspired him to join me in my blogging pursuits, so stay tuned for a lesson in why daiquiris are infinitely more badass than you think.

I guess what I’m saying is that my blog has a mind of its own and it’s going to expand in scope over the next few months. I want to share our garden experiments, our decorating and DIYing adventures (we’re building an outdoor bar and it may be a disaster—stay tuned!), and just see where this thing takes me. If this site starts to fall under the genre of “lifestyle blog”, so be it. I’ll do my best to not follow too many cliches.

Which, in an incredibly roundabout way, brings me to my hiatus.

If you know me, you know I’ve been in school forever. From art school to massage therapy school to bartending gigs, event planning, cafe jobs, and finally, my writing career. All the while I took classes when I could afford them and fit them into my life. Several years ago I switched from attending Drexel on campus to an online curriculum so I could spend more time working. This really slowed down my degree. The good news is, I’ve finagled a way to graduate from Drexel this term instead of at the end of the yearThat means the beginning of June. That means in like two months.

I am finally graduating from college at the age of 27 in TWO MONTHS.

Unfortunately in order to do that, I’m going to have to work my ass off. And I have been. That’s why I haven’t been around. Between my full time job, my full time classes, my Geekadelphia responsibilities and maintaining my sanity, the blog has to be put on the back burner for now. If I find some free time, I’ll post. But I simply can’t force myself to keep with the once-a-week theme when I have so much else going on. Even writing this update was hard to squeeze in. On the positive side, come June I’ll have a lot more time to devote here. So it all works out.

I will leave you with a lunch I can’t stop thinking about.

Last week was Chickie’s Deli’s final week, and Kevin and I snagged our first (and last) veggie hoagie. Being new to South Philly, I had only recently heard about this miraculous sandwich. Kevin on the other hand has lived two blocks from the place for six years, so he has absolutely no excuse. But we’ll forgive him anyway.

After three separate sandwich attempts in which Chickie’s had run out of bread, we had given up and I decided to go for a run to drown my sorrows. As I jogged past the deli I overheard an employee say he was making a Sarcone’s run, and our lunch fate was sealed.

Veggie and Chickie's special. Be still my heart.

Veggie and Chickie’s special. Be still my heart.

I’m so glad we got to try this iconic Philly hoagie at its original location, and was relieved to hear owner Henry George say that he plans to re-open at another location at a later date. Let’s hope whatever takes over this space does the Chickie’s proud and that they open again soon.

Welp, that’s it for now. I’ll still be around on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook so you can keep up with me there. And you totally should because next weekend I’m representing Geekadelphia in DiBruno’s 2nd Monger Games and you’re going to want to see all that cheesy goodness.

Until next time.



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  1. Loved following your journey through food and drink, and will continue to follow you through gardening, cocktails and whatever else this blog brings our way. Looking forward to June!

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