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Noshhh: Local Food & Drink Vendor Showcase

We were pretty close to going to Philly Cooks this year. I’ve always wanted to go but it was always almost a little too cost prohibitive. This year it was possible, but we had so much else going on that we missed out on the early bird tickets, then the regular priced tickets, and pretty soon the event had come and gone.

“Oh, well,” I thought, “there’s always next year.”

And then Noshhh came along.

Billed as a smaller scale Brewer’s Plate (another event I’ve been lusting after attending for years), Noshhh brought together local vendors and bartenders for a night of bites, brews, and craft cocktails set to the musical stylings of Ensemble Novo. The evening was organized by Spirit Forward, Home Brewed Events and Brew Crew Events in United By Blue‘s gorgeous cafe/shop and there was a huge turn out.

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The most exciting thing about events like this is discovering vendors and artisans that you hadn’t heard of before. In my experience, I find that I’m generally at least someone familiar with the vendors at events like this, but at Noshhh I was overwhelmed with the how many I had never heard of before. For instance, did you know there is a local coffee roaster out of Lansdowne that serves cold brew on Nitro? I sure as hell didn’t. They’re called Backyard Beans and their cold brew is fantastic. This stuff should be on tap at every bar in city.



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Pure cold brewed coffee on nitro. <3


Another vendor that seriously impressed me was Manatawny Still Works out of Pottstown. I’m pretty ashamed to say I had no idea that we had a small batch whiskey purveyor so close by, and their stuff is great. Aside from the standard aged stuff, they also sell a fantastic un-aged variety that reminded me of tasting white dog on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. It’s also described as being reminiscent of tequila—a little fruity, floral, and surprisingly light.



Locally distilled whiskey, gin, vodka, and rum.


Noshhh lived up to its name with edible treats as well. Chocomo Cookie Cups served delicious little cocktails inside cup-shaped, chocolate coated cookie vessels that impressed me despite my lack of a sweet tooth.



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And speaking of sweet, Beat it Betty!‘s mini cupcakes had me circling their table trying to decide if I should just try one of each or eat three red velvets because they were blowing my mind.



Yes, that cupcake bacon on it.


The main event, however, was easily the bar. Dan Lan Hamm of One Tippling Place and his cocktail-centric event company, Spirit Forward, graced Noshhh with their presence and spent the night slinging gimlets with fresh fruit, herbs, and of course, one’s choice of Blue Coat gin or Tito’s vodka.



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I love a good gimlet and gin was my first love, but as you know I’m primarily a whiskey drinker. I had made a mental note from the event listing about The World’s Best Old Fashioned™ making an appearance, so for our final drink we decided to see if we could order one despite seeing very little brown liquor in other’s cups around us. Before we knew it we were—much to our surprise and initial terror—whisked behind the bar for a hands on lesson with Dan himself. Turns out we’ve been making old fashioneds wrong this whole time. Thank you, Dan, for enlightening us. And thanks to everyone behind us in line for being patient while we got our impromptu lesson—we were as confused as you were.



The fruits of our labor.


The next Noshhh is coming up in June, so if you missed out on the premiere soiree I implore you to keep an eye out for tickets to the next one on Homebrewed Events’ Facebook page. There are few better ways to spend $15 and an evening out in Philly.


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