I’m new to South Philly, and I’m still kind of getting my bearings. I don’t really know my way around, I can’t gauge walking distances of anything (everything seems to be 15 minutes away, how is that even possible?), and since it’s been cold I haven’t explored as much as I would like to. Especially today. Today was freezing, and I really didn’t want to go outside. However, after a week of being vaguely sick and totally inactive I managed to drag my ass to a yoga class. Then of course, as a reward, ventured down the Avenue for P’unk Burger‘s first lunch service.

The P'unk Burger in all of its glory

The P’unk Burger in all of its glory

Regrettably, I couldn’t try their whole menu today as much as I would liked to have. I settled on their signature burger. I was also hellbent on a black and white milkshake, then when I read the menu and learned their B&W is made with Nutella instead of chocolate I nearly burst into crazed joyous tears.

The signature burger is a beef patty topped with peppercorn bacon from 1732 meats, smoked gouda, an onion ring, and their signature sauce. Generally I prefer some sort of greens on my burger, but with as high as this thing was stacked I appreciated that they pulled no punches with the decadent toppings. I had expected their signature sauce to be In-N-Out-esque but it isn’t at all. It’s more barbecue-inspired than anything and it had a wonderful sweetness that constrasted perfectly with the peppery bite of the bacon. Oh, let me also just say that the roll P’unk uses is sturdy—these burgers have structural integrity. In spite of all the cheese, sauce, bacon, and onion rings, this thing did not fall apart at all even after I put it down a few times. That may seem minor but I really appreciate a burger that doesn’t dissolve in my hands.


B&W milkshake with Nutella

Do I really even need to talk about the milkshake? You know how it was. It was delicious.

I do have one big regret from today. I didn’t get fries. Don’t be like me! If you go to P’unk Burger for lunch (and you should), get the lunch special. It’s $12.50 for a burger, fries, and a soda. With all of the burgers (aside from build-your-own, these start at $7.95) ranging between about $10-$12, it’s a steal.

I’m really looking forward to trying more of what P’unk Burger has to offer, and when it warms up I see many lunches here in my future. Their menu is unique to most burger joints in that they seem to really offer something for everyone. You have your choice of organic beef, chicken, turkey, or ahi tuna if you’re meat-included, or you can get a veggie patty made by Vegan Commissary. Their specialty burgers hit all the right notes, and even include a local take on the Juicy Lucy—which, by the way, is next on my list to try.

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P’unk Burger
1823 E Passyunk Ave