Opening Night at Abe Fisher

After a weekend away it seemed only natural to hit Abe Fisher for their first official night. I drove straight from the airport for a 10:30 reservation, totally ravenous, and ordered a round followed by a rapid-fire list of dishes.

Walking through each one wouldn’t do them justice, but it’s fair to say you can’t go wrong here. Everything was excellent, not to mention gorgeous. Furthermore, I’ve never been to an opening night that went so smoothly. The service was friendly and enthusiastic, and the space is beautiful.

The meal started with (warm! +100 points) bread service unlike anything I’ve had before. Schmaltzy challah “monkey bread” flavored with onions and chicken skin. Chicken skin. In bread. It’s so rich and decadent that you don’t even need butter. I regretfully failed to photograph this masterpiece because we attacked it like carb-vultures, but it’s a rather pretty small loaf pretty and topped with sesame seeds.


The Boulevardier cocktail was basically created just for my palette. It contains Buffalo Trace bourbon, barrel-aged Manischewitz and Campari—it’s essentially a bourbon Negroni with sweet kosher wine in place of the sweet vermouth. Genius. The Abe Fisher Cocktail was also quite good, a briny, pickley gin concoction with some of the most delicious cocktail onions I’ve ever had.

Plate 1

The meal started with the borscht tartare, a generous mound of perfectly seasoned minced beets topped with dill, shaved horseradish, and trout roe served with a 6 minute egg and home made potato chips. I was not remotely surprised to love this. The sweetness of the beets combined with the heat from the horseradish and salty pops of trout roe played together in perfect harmony. I also cannot overstate how much I appreciate a perfected cooked hard boiled egg. A+.

Plate 2

Next was the raw and pickled bass, another plate I knew I’d be a sucker for. I cannot resist raw fish dishes at small plate restaurants, and pickled fish is something I’ve recently become obsessed with. This is basically a Jewish twist on a crudo, and it’s fantastic.

Plate 3

When the stuffed trout gefilte fish came out, I just kind of stared at it for a moment. I had never had gefilte fish but I had general idea of what to expect, and this was very unexpected. In a great way. It doesn’t have the “preserved” taste you would expect, but its rather fresh tasting with moist trout meat inside and wrapped in perfectly crispy trout skin. Definitely a must-try, even if you’re generally not a gefilte fish fan.

I think we may have over-ordered

Guys, the dry-aged lamb minute steak is so big (for a small plates restaurant) it should come with a disclaimer. That said, it’s absolutely phenomenal. I really can’t pick a favorite from what we had throughout the night, but this could be it. Tender and lambtastic. I basically ordered this entirely based on my love of redeye gravy, and they totally nailed it.

Oh god why

At this point we were all but on the floor, so we had to essentially force feed ourselves the veal schnitzel tacos. This is the only plate I probably wouldn’t order again, but that isn’t to say I didn’t like it. It’s exactly what you would expect it to be, and the schnitzel is fantastic. It’s thicker than schnitzel you’re probably used to, making for a seriously hefty taco. Two are served per order and if you can eat more than one of these you’re a monster.

I wasn’t bummed that we didn’t have room for dessert because I’m certain I’ll be back here soon. Abe Fisher’s menu is rare in that I want to eat literally every single thing they offer.

I’m coming for you, salmon belly gravlax.


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  1. Mel

    We ate at Abe Fisher last night, not realizing it was Restaurant Week, but benefitting from it anyway since we had planned on getting the 3 courses plus dessert. What we found was that a lot of the plates brought back memories for us. The raw and pickled bass? It reminded us of the wonderful tuna fish salad sandwiches that Ray grandmother makes us. The dry aged lamb reminded us of our favorite roast beef at the now closed Clark’s Ale House in Syracuse. We really enjoyed the nostalgia the plates brought us. And the Bonfire cocktail? AMAZING!

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