Photo Jul 30, 7 21 34 PM

Last Wednesday was the first Drink Philly Boat Party and it was pretty much everything I dreamed it would be. Beautiful weather, wonderful people, and unlimited food and drink as we sailed between bridges on the Delaware River. It also gave me a chance to rock my giant lobster bling cuff. Always a good thing.

Upon arriving myself and my lovely friends Amanda, Dylan, and Mike, began to climb the levels seeking a table. Luckily we didn’t mange to find one until we reached the very top deck. Our seats put us in the prime spot to be serenaded by live jazz all night while we admired the Philadelphia skyline and double fisted beer. It was really the perfect night. Below us people danced and did shots and watched Sharknado, while the highest tier took a lower key approach to the evening. They somehow managed to create an event that accommodated everyone’s preference in atmosphere.

Yet another hit event from the fabulous folks at Drink Philly. Keep on killing it, guys. <3