I’m pretty into hotdogs, and I’ve got to be honest—I don’t discriminate. If I have a craving I’ll enjoy a snappy Kosher all beef dog topped with rare and exotic delights just as much as a 7-Eleven Big Bite.

I probably shouldn’t admit to that on the internet. Too late, moving on.

So, being that I am a lover of all things hotdog, I jumped an an opportunity to rep Geekadelphia in the 3rd Annual Hot Diggity! Dog Days of Summer Amateur Cook-Off. Alright, “jumped” is an exaggeration. The truth is I had about three days notice and am generally a very planned person so I could not for the life of me figure out a good idea for Philadelphia-themed toppings. My original plan was extremely conceptual and involved a homage to the Academy of Natural Sciences, but I couldn’t quite finalize it.

That’s when Mary stepped in.

Mary Brickthrower is a fellow Geekadelphian, food nerd, and blogger over on Fare Game. And her hotdog topping concept spoke directly to my heart. An Italian hoagie dog. Super Mario’s Italian Hoagie Dog to be exact (gotta keep with that geek theme).

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