When Writer’s Block is Actually Depression

I’ve been a writer for about six years now. I love it, it comes naturally to me — usually. Like any human being, I have days where I’m distracted, cloudy, out of creative ideas. So, back in 2015 when I was let go from a totally-fine-but-not-terribly-inspiring-job, I didn’t feel immediately concerned that my writing brain seemed to shut off like a flashlight. Originally I had imagined my unemployment to be a playground of creativity — I’d work on my blog, spruce up my portfolio, build a bustling freelance career that would allow me to travel the world. Maybe I’d start doing pottery again. I could paint. I’d eat healthier, drink less, become someone who enjoys running for some fucking reason. The day I lost my job I was on cloud nine. The split was amicable and I’d had one foot out the door for a while anyway. I drove home at noon on 76 on a traffic-free final commute with the windows down and music blasting. It was a brand new day.


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Barcelona Day One – A €3 Bottle of Cava For Your Thoughts?

Another city, another terrace to sit upon and drink our morning coffee.

Barcelona is gorgeous. Buildings dripping in balconies and tinted in warm taupe and rich terracotta hues. Although the days here were hot during our stay, the nights were mild, allowing us to open our balcony door and let the breeze blow in. I regret not taking photos of the flat we stayed in.

BRUNCH TIME. Barcelona is a brunching city, and while it wasn’t a weekend, we were determined to find some eggs and mimosas to get the day started off right. So, we headed down to Federal Café right in the heart of Sant Antoni, the city’s brunch capital.

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Bites of Paris Day 3, Arriving in Barcelona

Our last day in Paris was a short one, so we decided to make sustenance as stress-free as possible. After packing up, brewing a French press with some grounds we snagged at Le Bal Café, we decided the easiest meal option was a picnic staple—a baguette, wine, and cheese.

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Paris Pride Day

Bites of Paris, Day Two—Plus, Pride Day!

On our second day in Paris we decided to venture into The Touristy Part™. We had exactly 3 goals: 1. Eat ice cream, 2. Walk by the Louvre, 2. and 3. Drink wine in front of the Eiffel Tour.

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Bites of Paris, Day One

The sheer amount of fabulous Michelin Star restaurants in Paris is borderline hilarious. Coming from a city that the Michelin Guide has blatantly neglected, I was so overwhelmed during our trip planning that I wound up giving up. Not only where there too many options, but the cost was far too high. $150-$200 for a great date night? No problem. $600 per person? Nope.

That all said, the food we had in Paris was some of the best of our trip. We had absolutely no problem finding incredible things to eat for reasonable–if not incredible–prices.

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